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Dune Restoration Project Phase 2

Phase Two of the Dune Restoration Project was completed on Nov. 17. Volunteers planted Marram Grass on Campers’ Beach in the areas of the sand dunes that have been eroded by high water and wind. The grass was obtained from Pinery Park which has a program to cultivate Marram Grass which is then harvested and transplanted to other dune restoration projects.

Matt Cunliffe again directed the project for the park and seven FOMPP volunteers worked through cold and snow to get the grass into the sand dunes. As you can see in the picture, Marshall found us lunch!

The hope is that the grass will establish itself and spread to stabilize the dunes and restore the dune ecosystem. You can help by staying off the planted areas and by travelling to the beach on the designated paths and boardwalks.

Thank you to Matt Cunliffe, Tim and Jackie Hammond, Victoria Hunter, Doug Martin, Marshall Byle, and Sue and Pat Little for helping out with this project.


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