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Meet the Board

President:        Sue McCulloch-Little

Vice Pres:        Judy Stoner

Secretary:        Sue MacCulloch

Treasurer:        Oron Miraie

Web Updates: Judy Stoner

Membership:   Paula Trombley

Projects:          Marshall Byle, Mike Gallagher

HFBF Liaison:  Kathryn Wallace

Stewart Nutt (Past President)

Directors at Large:

Sande Irwin

Doug Pedwell

Becky Smith

Support Team:

Bookkeeper: Andy Bingham

Park Liaison: Layna Lubimiv

Park Project Liaison: Matthew Cunliffe

Sue Little

Director-at-large/Past President


Sue joined the Board of the FOMPP in 2014 after retiring from a career as an elementary teacher. All of her children had worked as summer students in the park and she felt it was a way she could show appreciation for the opportunities they had.  She served for six years as the Membership Director, Treasurer, Vice President, and then President. After a year off she has rejoined the Board as a Director at Large.  One of her goals is to increase the volunteer opportunities in the park for Friends members. Sue has a passion for cycling, hiking, curling, and she loves camping. 



Judy Stoner


Website Updates

Graduated from the University of Guelph in Environmental Biology and have many outdoor interests - camping, hiking, making maple syrup. As part of the FOMPP board, we are working to make MacGregor Park an even greater place to spend time.  

Oron Miriae



Sue McCulloch


I retired from teaching for the Bluewater District School Board in 2018.  I enjoy photography and am also a member of the Saugeen Shores Camera Club.  During the past year as Secretary for the FOMPP Board, I have been learning a lot about MacGregor Point Park and how important volunteers are to assist the Park in achieving its goals of educational  and recreational opportunities.

Paula Trombley

Membership Director


Paramedic for 21 years with the last 19 being in Grey County. Have been camping with my family at MacGregor Point park last 5 years and love the park so much joined the board to help keep it beautiful for everyone to enjoy. 

Marshall Byle


Retired tradesman.  Love Birding and nature.  A story teller with a good sense of humour.

Mike Gallagher 


My love for camping and hiking started many years ago at MacGregor and from there my wife and I have camped at many of the Ontario Provincial Parks. I especially love introducing my Granddaughters to the joys of MacGregor and other parks. My goal at FOMP is to help make the park as accessible and fun as possible for others to discover and enjoy.

Kathryn Wallace

HFBF Liaison


Sande Irwin


I am lucky to live in close proximity to the park and spend a lot of time enjoying the trails. Whether it’s walking my dogs or just spending 

time surrounded by nature, MacGregor is one of my favourite places. Wanting to do more to help preserve this beautifully diverse green space lead me to becoming a member of the Board of Directors. When I’m not sending out emails as the Volunteer Coordinator, you can find me homesteading, baking with my grandkids, learning Spanish or planning my next adventure. 

Doug Pedwell



Becky Smith



Stewart Nutt

Past President

Stewart lives in Southampton with his wife Nancy. He has a daughter Kailyn who lives in Fredericton New Brunswick. Stewart has had a long time interest in natural history, nature photography and a special passion for bird behaviors.  Other interests include hiking, biking, snowshoeing and traveling. His involvement with MacGregor Point has continued for 48 years.


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