Donations of time, skill, or funds to the Friends of MacGregor Point Park are greatly appreciated. All funds raised through monetary donations are used to fund specific projects within the parks, and a charitable tax receipt for your donation will be sent to you.

This year your donations will help us to fund equipment to control and reduce the prevalence of invasive species in the park, to build turtle nesting boxes to protect turtle eggs from predators, to make continued improvements to trail boardwalks, and to install information boards on the trails. 


For more information or to join our volunteer list please contact us.

2021 Targeted Invasive Species

Garlic Mustard

Management of Garlic Mustard has been underway in MacGregor Point for over 10 years and the park has gained the upper hand! Donations received will go toward purchasing more hand held boot brushes for staff and boot scrubber stations at trail heads.

Buckthorn – European and Glossy

Buckthorn – European and Glossy

With the loss of so many ash in the park, management of Buckthorn will be a priority for years to come. Donations will go towards hand-cutting tools and landscape plastic for covering cut stumps.

Autumn Olive

A new one on our hit list, management efforts will focus on eliminating this shrub before it establishes itself in the park. Donations will go towards hand-cutting tools, pulling tools and landscape plastic for covering cut stumps.