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Core Values

Naturally Connected



We believe in...

  • Supporting the values of Ontario Parks, and those of MacGregor Point Provincial Park

  • The preservation of natural, historical, and cultural resources of the MacGregor Point Provincial Park environment

  • Supporting the basic principles of environmental conservation

Education and Interpretation

We believe in...

  • The importance of interpretive and educational programming for all ages

  • Inspiring visitors to find enduring values and meaning in a nature experience

  • Contributing to a fully equipped, functional, and accessible Visitor Centre

  • Contributing to the resources needed to provide educational and interpretive experiences for the public


We believe in...

  • Promoting membership and active participation in the Friends of MacGregor Point Park

  • The need to seek out and cultivate partnerships that are mutually enriching

  • Practicing effective communication with members, sponsors, and the public, using a variety of media

  • Ensuring responsible governance and the financial accountability of the Friends of MacGregor Point Park

Leadership and Advocacy

We believe in...

  • Contributing to the health and well-being of others by supporting outdoor education and recreation

  • Promoting environmental education and environmental actions

  • Advocating for the value and role of MacGregor Point Provincial Park in developing environmental awareness, respect for nature, and health and well-being

Reviewed and revised: April 2020

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