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Marine Heritage Festival

A wonderful day was had by all at the Marine Heritage Festival on July 23, 2022.

This is one of The Friends outreach programs. Information was provided about The Friends organization and MacGregor Point Park. Several volunteers - Mike Helt, Lori Helt, Judy Stoner, Beverly Carlisle, Sue Little and Paula Trombley - oversaw the event for the day.

The kids were entertained with a game of “raising the sunken ships” (all named for real ships sunk in the waters surrounding Saugeen Shores…The Malakoff, The Regina, The Garibaldi, The Azov…to name a few). Raising 3 three ships won a prize. The older kids (and parents) were given just enough information to hopefully spark some further research. The festival is a great way for The Friends to connect with other organizations in town and recruit new members and volunteers.

If you have the opportunity next year to attend, come and watch the cardboard boat races. It may inspire you to build a boat and compete or volunteer to help promote our organization. Perhaps someone would even like to recruit some Friends and enter a team! Either way you’ll enjoy your day with “Friends”.


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