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Volunteers Help with Dune Grass Planting

Recently Friends members were given the opportunity to participate in the Beach Grass Restoration Project at the Park.

Dune Habitat makes up only 3% of our Lake Huron shoreline. These narrow and fragile habitats are restricted to localized areas around major shorelines and are the reason sandy beaches stay sandy. These habitats aren’t just for our enjoyment, they are home to species at risk, provincially rare plants and provide resources for migratory species. With the recent years of high water on Lake Huron, park staff recognized that our Dunes needed a bit of help…

Through a donation to the park, Marram Grass was purchased from a distributor along southern Lake Huron. Matt Cunliffe directed the project and Marram Grass was planted on the dunes of the Day Use Beach to help stabilize the sand and reduce erosion.

Over the next few years, our dune planting efforts will expand to the Camper’s Beach area and to the park’s less known southern beach.

Thank you to the twelve volunteers that helped with this project! Stay tuned for more volunteer opportunities each fall as we plant more grasses.


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