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Donations of time, skill, or funds to the Friends of MacGregor Point Park are greatly appreciated. All funds raised through monetary donations are used to fund specific projects within the parks, and a charitable tax receipt for your donation will be sent to you.

In 2024 your donations will be directed to one of several projects:

  • renovating the Visitor Centre

  • installing new displays and equipment at the Visitor Centre

  • funding educational speakers

  • installing information boards at comfort stations,

  • installing dune grass signage 

  • funding trail maintenance

To make a donation, please visit the link below:

Volunteer Opportunities

The Friends of MacGregor Point Park provide many opportunities to volunteer with our organization. These include:


  • Work crew - spring cleanup, invasive species removal, trail monitors

  • Fundraising events - barbecues, ticket sales

  • Outreach - booths at Pumpkinfest, Marine Heritage

  • Special events assistant - Huron Fringe Birding Festival, Family Day, seasonal events

  • Citizen science research - Christmas Bird Count, North American Butterfly Association Count

  • Become a member of the Board of Directors

To join our volunteer list please contact us.

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